Friday, March 3, 2023

Where We Are, And What's Next

 It's amazing how far God has brought this ministry and radio show in such a short period of time.

This week we air our ninth episode, featuring a conversation with one of my mentors - Don Harper. It speaks to one of Grand Slam Ministries core missions - Mentorship - and is also a great lesson on race relations.

We began the show on two stations - 94.5 FM The Answer in Greenville, SC; and Classic Country 92.9 FM, WZLA in Abbeville, SC.

Since then, we have added three other over-ther-air stations and three internet-only stations - including one in Paisley, Scotland, and another based out of Los Angeles. You can see the full listing of stations and Sunday air times in the previous post on this blog.

So what's next?

Well, in the immediate timeline, we have an opportunity to get the show on a station in San Francisco. The cost would be roughly $800 per month. We are praying for God's leadership and, if He wills, His provision.

But from a sustainability standpoint, there are two things we are praying about:

- Finding someone who can join GSM as a grant writer/fundraiser

- Developing a donor base of 200 people giving $25 per month, and the same number giving $10 per month.

If we can get to those numbers, the show could immediately be on as many as 40 stations - maybe more - coast to coast. And we could begin funding our core missions of mentorship and helping children with food and other necessities well ahead of schedule.

Would we love a major donor or donors who could take care of this with the stroke of a pen? Of course we would. And we will be happy to talk with anyone interested in helping in any way.

But long-term sustainability in our ministry is going to come from everyday people who believe in what Grand Slam Ministries is trying to accomplish, and feel God is leading them to help in some small way.

So, if you have any questions or want to help in any way, please pray about it first. Then if God leads, you can contact us by:

- Email:

- Website:; or

- Telephone: 864-788-9596

- Mail: Grand Slam Ministries, PO Box 35, Central SC 29630.

We know God is going to open the doors He wants open. He's going to send us the people He wants involved. Our prayer is that we wait on His timing, and don't try to get ahead of Him.

He has already done more than we could have ever imagined inside the first nine weeks. He is faithful. And we are trying to be, as well.

All for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Dan Scott

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